Get to Know Wild West Online With the First Gameplay Video

Wild West Online got its first official gameplay video, showing us some of the game’s content. In this six-minute official showcase, you’ll get to see what the character creation process looks like, where you start the game from, and lots more. The game’s start has a strong Westworld vibe.

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Wild West Online Quick Details

The information shown below is gathered from the video above. The gameplay in the video was recorded using a pre-alpha version of the game.

  • In the character creation window, you can choose gender, face, skin tone, hair color, facial features.
  • After you’ve customized your character and picked the name, you’ll need to choose a server.
  • When you join the game for the first time, you spawn at the train station of one of the towns.
  • With the push of a button, you can see all the interactable locations highlighted in your view range.
  • Some of the interactable locations in one of the towns are the clothing store, bank, gunsmith, saloon, newspaper bulletin board.
  • Newspapers are a key part of the world-building. They reveal more of the game’s story as they highlight what is happening in the world. They contain information about in-game events.
  • In the clothing store, you can change your clothes or buy a new outfit. One of them is a red bandanna with a white hat.
  • Saloons are social activity hubs. All towns have at least one saloon. You can buy drinks, talk to NPCs to start quests, gamble against the house, brawl with other players, and take part in other recreational activities (wink, wink).
  • Almost all buildings in Wild West Online can be explored. If you take something from them that doesn’t belong to you, it is automatically a theft – if anyone sees you, that is.
  • Actions like stealing affects your reputation. If it gets too bad, you get on the most-wanted list in the Sheriff’s Office. In the same Sheriff’s Office, you can pick up bounties. The bounty contains a picture of criminals, their last known location, difficulty, and a reward in dollars.
  • In the Rest Cabins, players can regain their stamina and health, craft things, access their stash, change their outfit, etc. They are also the key to moving across the map, as they are fast travel spots. You can fast travel between the discovered Rest Cabins. Think of them as the Wayshrines in TESO. There are also campsites, a type of a portable, reusable rest cabin.
  • There is no mini map, but you’ll get a compass on the top of your screen.

Get to Know the Wild West Online with the First Gameplay Video

Earlier this year, there was a screenshot from Wild West Online that confused almost everyone – everybody thought it was from Red Dead Redemption 2.

There is a Wild West Online closed alpha set to happen sometime in the summer of 2017. The closed beta will be the next testing ground during the middle of fall 2017, with the game coming out in December 2017. These dates are subject to change, according to the official site, where you can also find out everything about the three editions and their content.

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