Get Six Free Games from The Humble Trove

Everybody knows free games are the best games, especially when they usually cost money. Especially when there’s six of them at the same time. Case in point – the Humble Trove is offering six games for free until February 2nd. If you claim them before then, you’ll be able to grab DRM-free versions of each. Why are you still reading? Go and download them, DOWNLOAD THEM ALL. Or, you know, scroll down to read a bit about each one. I don’t care.

humble trove free games
Get Six Free Games from The Humble Trove

Hitchhiker (by Mad About Pandas) is a quiet, philosophical game in which you ride along a desert highway and chat with your moustachioed driver. Except you’re an amnesiac, and things quickly turn menacing. The game’s site claims this is only the first ride, which probably means more are coming. Something to look out for, in case you end up liking this one.

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2000:1: A Space Felony (by National Insecurities) is a “murder mystery courtroom drama”. Set in space. You play the role of an investigator, trying to figure out what happened to the crew of USS Endowment, and whether MAL, the ship’s AI and a total smartass, is to blame.

Cat Girl Without Salad (by WayForward Games) is a shmup in which you play as an bounty hunter in space, but with those goofy cat ears. Your job is to hunt bounties and play mini-games, of which there seem to be around ten million (puzzles, rhythm, action, etc).

Uurnog (by Niklas Nygren) is a… well, it’s hard to describe without spoiling, really. It’s a 2D platformer in which you collect thingies and critters, and bring them back to the save room, which is persistent, unlike the rest of the game world, which resets when you die. What’s important to know is that it was made by the mind behind Knytt, Saira, Night Sky and many other fabulous things.

THOR.N (by Advect Productions) is being marketed as a job simulator. It seems to be, in fact, a window into a bleak and demented potential future. A cautionary tale against clicker games. I don’t know, just play it, it’s free.

Crescent Bay (also by Advect Productions) is a bit more straightforward – it’s a murder mystery slash psychological thriller. You are John Bishop, a medium, and you have to figure out what happened to your dear friend Audrey, which you do by talking to dead people.

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