Glyph Demo Coming To Steam

After Switch, the Glyph demo is coming to Steam as well. Since it was released on the Nintendo Switch, unique platforming game Glyph has been download more than 10.000 times in two weeks. Glyph’s gameplay combines relaxing exploration with daring aerial maneuvering to provide an experience that appeals to both casual players and speedrunners.

Glyph Demo Coming To Steam

When is The Glyph Demo Coming to Steam?

The Steam Demo for Glyph will be out on June 16th. It will feature full mouse and keyboard, along with controller support. In Glyph, a mechanical monstrosity has poisoned the land and it is up to you to heal this world by restoring the Temple City. You will do this by performing amazing maneuvers in the air. Glyph has an incredible set of moves you can perform. The end result is that you can move in almost every way imaginable across a vast open world.

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You can watch the latest Glyph trailer here:

You can approach every one of Glyph’s 80 levels how you want to. Adventure game lovers will delight in finding all the hidden secrets, while speedrunners can take on 30 time-trial. The non-linear level design means that you do not have to complete every level in order to progress further. If a level is too challenging for you and you find yourself stuck, simply go to another one and come back once you think you can handle it. Developer Bolverk Games promises that every level is worth playing through and that all of them are unique experiences that you will not want to miss out on.

You can wishlist Glyph on its official Steam page. If you enjoy games with freeform, fast paced movement, or if you are an exploration and adventure game lover, Glyph looks to be a game that’s a great and unlikely blend of these two genres.

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