GOG Big Deal Sale Offers Some Nice Discounts, Oddworld For Free

If you somehow don’t already have a frighteningly big backlog, you’ll be happy to hear there’s yet another sale going on. This time it’s GOG who’s luring you into buying games you won’t be able to play in ten lifetimes. You can read more about what’s included and exactly how cheap it is after the break, but for now, you should head over to their site and grab Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee for free. The offer is valid for the next two days, so don’t dawdle.

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gog big deal sale
GOG Big Deal Sale Offers Some Nice Discounts, Oddworld For Free

Here’s some of the stuff that’s just waiting to be bought and put on a digital shelf where it’ll collect digital dust for god knows how long:

  • Obduction ($18, 40% off) – The latest game from the creators of the Myst series, Obduction is a game about a person transported to the other side of the universe by aliens.
  • Kerbal Space Program ($23, 40% off) – A spaceship-building game in which you construct impossible vessels and fill them with Pez mint people, who then die horribly after the inevitably failed launch.
  • Xenonauts ($6.3, 75% off) – A love letter to the X-COM of old. If you didn’t like all the changes the remakes made, you’re going to love this one.
  • Age of Wonders 3 ($8.8, 75% off) – The reigning champion in a particular niche of turn based strategies, now that Heroes of Might and Magic and King’s Bounty are dead.
  • Kentucky Route Zero ($12.5, 50% off) – A narrative adventure game about being on the road, with a focus on the people involved.
  • This War of Mine ($5, 75% off) – A management game in which you take control of a bunch of civilians in a city under siege, making sure they spend their time wisely and live to see the end of the conflict.
  • Banished ($5, 75% off) – A city-builder in which you become the mayor of a medieval town. You won’t have to worry about traffic jams, instead focusing on surviving the harsh winters, trying not to let plague-ridden settlers into your village, and keeping the simple townfolk fed and clothed.

There’s really too much to even mention – The Witness, Her Story, Satellite Reign, Legend of Grimrock, Shadowrun, FTL, Prison Architect, Little Nightmares and many, many more. You can filter the games to show only those that are under $2, or only those that are more than 80% off. You’ll find something.

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