GOG Store Adding Simulator Games to the Catalog

If you’re a fan of simulator games, then you should now that GOG.com is adding them to their catalog. The offer is small, but hey, it’s just the beginning. Right now, you can snag PC Building Simulator, Plane Mechanic Simulator, and Ultimate Fishing Simulator. All at a reduced price, until May 31st.

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GOG Store Adding Simulator Games to the Catalog
GOG Store Adding Simulator Games to the Catalog

GOG.com is expanding their range of games. Specifically, they’re going into the simulator game market. To celebrate, they have prepared a limited-time offer on the small but curated number of simulator games that have made their way to the platform. Those of you that like relaxing while fishing, putting together PCs, or repairing and building planes, but all in video game format, then boy, do they have you covered.

So, which games have the good folks at GOG prepared for the launch of simulator games on their platform? Well, for one, there’s PC Building Simulator, currently 30% off. It is, well, exactly what it sounds. It’s a game where you build a PC. Then, there’s Plane Mechanic Simulator, for those of you that are… well, more plane mechanic-disciplined, I guess. It’s 20% off. Lastly, we’ve got Ultimate Fishing Simulator, for 45% off. Oh, and you can get two DLCs for the game, Kariba Dam and Moraine Lake, also at a discount. It’s a little bit of something for everybody.

Also, you can get all three games and the two Ultimate Fishing Simulator DLCs as a bundle at a 30% discount – $46.95, in case you’re wondering. This offer is good for the next seven days as of writing this article. Specifically, you have until Friday, May 31st, at 1 PM UTC, to make use of the offer. If this stuff is up your alley, go ahead to GOG.com simulator game promo page to nab the games. And, of course, if you’re a fan of simulation games, keep an eye out on GOG for future updates.

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