Dauntless How to Craft Radiant Weapon - Before the Dawn Quest

Radiant Weapons in Dauntless are a special type of weapons that you can obtain, and crafting one is necessary to complete the Before the Dawn quest. The game does give you some hints as to how to make Radiant Weapons, but nothing too much. There are few parts of it that might confuse you, and some info that you’re bound to want to have before diving head-first. So, in our Dauntless How to Craft Radiant Weapon – Before the Dawn Quest guide, we’re going to show you how to make Radiant Weapons, which behemoth you’ll have to farm and how, the crafting recipes for them, and more.

Dauntless How to Craft Radiant Weapon - Before the Dawn Quest
Dauntless How to Craft Radiant Weapon – Before the Dawn Quest

How to Craft Radiant Weapon for Dauntless Before the Dawn Quest?

To craft a Radiant Weapon in Dauntless, for the Before the Dawn quest, you’ll have to farm a radiant behemoth called Valomyr. It’s a bug-like enemy that appears in The Maelstrom region. In fact, the same quest is going to tell you that you have to hunt Valomyr. The thing that might confuse you is that Wils Bormen has a question mark above his head, even though you don’t have what you need to craft a Radiant Weapon. Since you’ll have to harvest specific parts of the beast, using an axe is recommended.

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The Reagents you’ll need to craft a base version of each Radiant weapon will be listed below. Valomyr hide drops from any part of the behemoth, the Apocalypse Horn from the horns, Protean Fang from the head, Radiant Dewclaw from the legs, and Protean Spike from the tail. Here are the recipes:

  • Valomyr’s Regard (Sword) – 150 Rams, 4 Valomyr Hide, 2 Unstable Tailspike, 2 Apocalypse Horn
  • Valomyr’s Burden (Hammer) – 150 Rams, 4 Valomyr Hide, 6 Radiant Dewclaw, 2 Unstable Tailspike
  • Valomyr’s Revenge (Chain Blades) – 150 Rams, 4 Valomyr Hide, 2 Apocalypse Horn, 6 Radiant Dewclaw
  • Valomyr’s Decree (Axe) – 150 Rams, 4 Valomyr Hide, 2 Protean Fang, 6 Radiant Dewclaw
  • Valomyr’s Hope (War Pike) – 150 Rams, 4 Valomyr Hide, 2 Protean Fang, 2 Unstable Tailspike

After you have enough of the materials you need, go back to Wils Bormen and craft a Radiant Weapon. Any one will do; however, it’s probably most prudent that you get a weapon type that you like to use. You don’t want to end up having to use a hammer, when you prefer to use something else. So, since you’re already farming, might as well farm something you want.

Before the Dawn Quest Bug – Radiant Weapon not Registering

There is a bug in Before the Dawn, where the game doesn’t register you making a Radiant Weapon towards the quest. Some people have even crafted more than one, and they just don’t get any quest progress. Unfortunately, there’s nothing that can be done about it on the player end. It’s something that the developers are gonna have to tackle. You can keep trying and crafting the Radiant weapons in the hope that it registers, and that’s about it regarding your agency in the matter.

Another bug that you might encounter in this quest. Apparently, it can happen that heroic Valomyr don’t count towards crafting a Radiant Weapon, only normal ones. This is another one that only the devs can solve, unfortunately. If you haven’t already, don’t engage with heroic Valomyr, and stick with lower threat levels, if at all possible. Otherwise, well… sit tight, keep trying, and hope that it clears up.

If you need further help with Dauntless and its weapons, check out some of our other guides, including Weapon Special Skills Unlock – Alternate Weapon Specials and Weapon Mod Unlock & Equip – Weapon Mastery Modifications.

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    Can I make Radiant Aether Strikers with the Scarred Master instead of creating something with Wils Bormen? Or will that not count for that quest?

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