Golf Story Is A Sports RPG Coming to Nintendo Switch

Sidebar Games have released the first trailer for Golf Story, their upcoming sports RPG for the Nintendo Switch. It shows off the game in action for the first time, as well as some environments and characters. Including the pompadour-sporting protagonist, his coach and what seem to be several different caddies.

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golf story reveal trailer nintendo switch
Golf Story coming to Nintendo Switch

The game’s website says the protagonist is “forced to give up all that he holds dear” in order to become the golfest golfer there ever was, but it doesn’t really explain how. It also implies you’ll have to dedicate as much attention to off-course activities as to the act of golfing itself. There’s not a lot of info on there, but there’s one quote-worthy nugget:

You’ll be surprised by how many problems can be solved by hitting a golf ball at them.

Color me interested. The game will feature eight environments with several towns and courses. You will be able to take on challenges and solve puzzles in order to get new golfing gear and improve your character. Four kinds of golf have been announced at this point – long driver tournaments, mini golf, disc gold and wee links. Off-course activities include racing (in golf carts, hopefully), mowing lawns and geocaching.

The trailer’s well worth a watch, especially as there’s some weird stuff in it. Like a mole sneaking around with a golf ball, something that looks like a golf course peppered with eyeballs, and a graveyard with a spooky ghost. And that unbelievably ridiculous haircut.

Golf Story is supposed to come out exclusively on Nintendo Switch this summer. Ports for other platforms aren’t out of the question, but the developers are focusing on finishing and releasing the Switch version at the moment. Fingers crossed. We need a version of the game for a system you can actually buy.

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