Gran Turismo Sports Beta Hinted at on the European PlayStation Blog

If you’re itching for another Gran Turismo game, then it’s thirteenth installment ought to help you with that. Gran Turismo Sport was announced way back in 2015 at Paris Games Week.

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Gran Turismo titles have always looked gorgeous.

The series creator, Kazunori Yamauchi, has referred to the game as the first one in the new era of Gran Turismo games. It is set to be released in October for PlayStation 4.

The game will have three modes of play: “Sports”, “Campaign” and “Arcade”. The players will be able to race 177 customizable cars on 29 different configurations of 17 racing tracks set in various locations. Porsche vehicles will be featured in the game for the first time, because EA lost the exclusive license for the brand.

Same as previous entries, Gran Turismo Sport will have online play capabilities and two championships are set to be held throughout the year, the Nations Cup and the Manufacturers Cup. Both cups will be managed by FIA, once they officially ratify Gran Turismo Online Championship.

The Polyphony Digital title is supposed to take full advantage of the PS4’s powerful hardware, allowing smoother gameplay. It is also the first game in the series that will feature support for Sony’s virtual reality system, PlayStation VR.

So, if any of this has you fired up, you might have a chance to try the game yourself before it’s released. The European PlayStation Blog hints at the possibility of the final pre-release beta, but the North American version doesn’t even do that.

Sony might want to decide what their plan, the game is set to launch in just over a month on their console and there’s not much time to waste.


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