New Guilty Gear Game Teased for Next Year at EVO 2019

Arc System Works have revealed that a new Guilty Gear game is coming out in 2020 at this year’s EVO. They made the announcement via a brief teaser trailer. In the video, we get to see the two mortal enemies, Ky Kiske and Sol Badguy, duke it out, as well as a new character.

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New Guilty Gear Game Teased for Next Year at EVO 2019
New Guilty Gear Game Teased for Next Year at EVO 2019

Now, I’m not much of a fighting game fan myself. I just don’t have the patience for them. I can handle Mortal Kombat, but that’s about it. That said, there’s one fighting game so awesome, so metal, so over-the-top, that I can’t help but adore it, even if I suck at it. That game is Guilty Gear. From the fast-paced gameplay, across the ridiculous characters and twisting plot, to the consistently balls-to-the-wall soundtrack, I love everything about Guilty Gear. And so, I stand with you in hype about the announcement of a new game in the franchise coming in 2020.

The teaser trailer, which you can check out below, reveals very little. Almost nothing, to be honest. We’re treated to some beautiful backgrounds, and a richly animated duel between Guilty Gear’s Sub Zero and Scorpion, Ky Kiske and Sol Badguy (yes, you read that right). Lastly, we get to see what I think is a new character; a black samurai clad in some kind of cyber armor. I mean, what more could you possibly want from life?

Sadly, we don’t know anything else about the game. Arc System Works is playing the cards so close to their chests that they’re getting paper cuts on their lungs. The teaser is more than enough to get the fan base excited, though, and that really was the only goal. I can’t wait to learn more about the new Guilty Gear as time goes on.

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