Tekken 7 Season 3 Will Add Two Characters, Zafina & Leroy

Bandai Namco have treated Tekken 7 fans to the content coming in Season 3, both the free stuff and what you’ll get in the season pass. Among other things, there will be new characters coming, including returning fighter Zafina, as well as a brand new one, a cool-as-ice kung fu master Leroy Smith.

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Tekken 7 Season 3 Will Add Two Characters Zafina & Leroy
Tekken 7 Season 3 Will Add Two Characters, Zafina & Leroy

Season 3 of Tekken seems like it’s gonna be a lot of fun for all you that are playing. First off, there will be free updates for everybody. These will include new moves for all characters, a play stats display, an updated UI, an expanded Practice functionality, and My Replay & Tips. This all sounds cool, especially the new moves. That ought to shake things up significantly. The other stuff covers quality-of-life matters, which is always welcome.

There will also be several new characters coming to Tekken 7. For now, we know about two of them; returning martial artist Zafina and a new character, a bad-ass black kung fu master called Leroy Smith. I’m not gonna lie, Leroy is just about the coolest character that Tekken has ever scene; don’t at me. Both of these characters will be arriving in September. Then, there will be a new character and feature coming in the winter 2019, and yet another fighter, plus a new stage, in spring 2020. Naturally, the characters, stage, and feature will only be for season pass owners.

With all that said, time for some disappointing news. During the Tekken portion of the show at EVO 2019, there was a short, jokey video with Solid Snake. This prompted a whole bunch of “Solid Snake confirmed for Tekken 7” hype. Turns out, that ain’t happening. According to the EVO Twitter, that was just a joke. It was not a character reveal; in fact, they didn’t even consult Bandai Namco before pulling the jape. Sorry to disappoint everyone.

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