Gundam Versus Coming to PlayStation 4, Launch Date Revealed

Gundam Versus is coming to the PlayStation 4, but the release dates will be different for Japan and the rest of the world. In Japan, the game will come out on July 6th, while everyone else will have to wait until September 29th. The gameplay will stay largely unchanged, while the visuals will get a significant upgrade, including more detailed background destruction.

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Gundam Versus Coming to PlayStation 4 Outside Japan, Launch Date Revealed
Gundam Versus Coming to PlayStation 4 Outside Japan, Launch Date Revealed

Do you like giant robots duking it out in ridiculous, over-the-top battles? Me too! Well, all Gundam fans have something special to look forward to this fall. Gundam Versus has been a hugely successful arcade for a while now, and soon, it will be making its console debut as a PlayStation 4 debut. The Japanese launch date is just around the corner – July 6th. The rest of the world is just gonna have to stay patient until September 29th.

The gameplay will stay pretty much the same, but the PlayStation 4 version will include some new features. For example, on top of the already existing 2v2 matches, players will be able to battle in 3v3 matches as well, via online multiplayer. The usual Boost Step and Boost Dash mechanics will remain in the game, but with the addition of the Boost Dive. This allows players to execute a boost downwards, adding a new dimension to the combat and making the fighting more fluid and fast. The Striker mechanic will also stay in the game, allowing you to blast the opponent if the going gets tough. The use of Strikers is limited, but it’s replenishable.

The visuals will also get an update. Obviously, the graphics are going to look far more polished, but that’s not all. The PlayStation 4 version will also feature more detailed backgrond destruction, to satisfy even the pickiest of giant robot lovers. As for the character and Gundam selection, you’ll be able to choose between 90 different robots to pilot, from all over the Gudnam universe. Sounds good to me!

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