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The holidays are around the corner, and we’ll be leaving for the woods soon. This is our last day at the office – regular service will resume on January 10th. We wanted to wish you all a happy New Year (and all the assorted holidays that surround it), and look back at some of the stuff we played and worked on this year.

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The year started out properly with Resident Evil 7. It was the long-awaited return to form for the series, a proper horror game with scares and puzzles and whatnot. It was a tricky one, and it certainly breathed new life into a stale franchise. Not a full week after the free DLCs for RE7 hit the streets, we were already busy with Nioh, a tough as nails, kinda-like-Dark-Souls-but-not-really set in feudal Japan. It had demons, stances, tiny sprites that hand out blessings and a bunch of really cool weapons from the period.

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As the end of February drew closer, we were treated to Horizon: Zero Dawn, arguably one of the strongest Playstation 4 exclusives. The year was off to a good start, and we couldn’t even imagine that this open-world gem would be followed by what’s probably the best game of the year – Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It turned out to be a beautiful thing, and a great parting gift for the unfortunate WiiU.

We were mesmerized by it for two whole months, until Arkane released Prey, their first person space station crysis simulator (and not related in any way to the 2006 FPS of the same name). To no-one’s suprise, it was a great, layered game, filled with many secrets, nooks and crannies to explore. Then came the summer, a dreadful time to be in any business built around games. A couple of DLCs dropped, like Episode Prompto for FFXV and the Master Trials for Zelda BoTW, but nothing really happened until September.

That’s when Destiny 2 launched – it’s a touchy subject. As the honeymoon period ended, many fans of the previous game were disappointed with it, and it’s probably the most divisive title of the year. The chain of underwhelming sequels continued with The Evil Within 2 and South Park: The Fractured But Whole – both were more of the same, but a lot of players seemed to expect something else entirely.

The streak of misfortune was finally interrupted on October 27th, when three great games hit the shelves in one day – Assassin’s Creed Origins, Wolfenstein: The New Colossus and Super Mario Odyssey. It was simply too much gaming goodness for a single person to bear, and you’ve surely missed at least one of them. If you’re going to use the holiday season to catch up, we suggest you start here.

All in all, it was a great year for being into games. Now it’s time to eat, sleep and play some more. We’ll be back on January 10th to continue providing you with guides, news, reviews and more.

Happy holidays!

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