wolfenstein 2 prey vr spin-offs

Wolfenstein 2 & Prey Getting VR Spin-Offs In The Near Future

You could be forgiven for missing these two among the pile of major announcements at Bethesda’s E3 2018 press conference. They announced Starfield, officially confirmed they’re working on Elder Scrolls 6, showed us Fallout 76 in action and revelead its release date. There was a new Doom game and an Elder Scrolls mobile thing. It…


Prey Speedrunner Beats Game in Less Than Seven Minutes

Prey Patch 1.05 to fix PS4 stuttering

Prey has perhaps performed less well than expected, but the developers are still working on patching up the issues. The 1.04 patch brought PS4 Pro…


Prey Reaches Number One in UK Sales Charts

Prey Reaches Number One in UK Sales Charts

Arkane Studios’ new sci-fi horror-adventure Prey has managed to top the UK sales chart last week. It finally took first place from Mario Kart 8…

Prey Review

Prey 2017 Review

There are games that stay embedded in your memory, no matter how much time passes or how many other games you play. Half-Life, System Shock,…

Prey Review Round-Up

Prey Review Round-Up

Despite Bethesda refusing to supply review copies, Prey reviews have started popping up. Several major gaming websites are still working on their reviews, but have…

Prey Speedrun Record is Now Under 20 Minutes

Prey Speedrun Record is Now Under 20 Minutes

Arkane’s new action-adventure game hasn’t been out a week, and the speedrun records are already getting ridiculous. The latest one was set by Twitch streamer…

Prey All Endings

Prey All Endings

Endings in Prey are multiple, and they depend on your actions. You get to decide the ultimate fate of Talos I, the Typhon, the crew,…

prey how to unlock preorder bonus items

How to Unlock Preorder Bonus Items

Prey preorder bonus items are a set of useful materials, tools and weapons you’ll receive for buying the game before release. You don’t have to…