Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery New Trailer Shows Off Gameplay

Warner Brothers and developer Jam City have posted a new trailer for their upcoming mobile game, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. The video shows off some of the gameplay and canon characters. Oh, and different currencies. Because of course there’ll be microtransactions up the wazoo.

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Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery New Trailer Shows Off Gameplay
Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery New Trailer Shows Off Gameplay

The new trailer for Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery makes the game look really cool. Like, you get to choose your house, and then you go to classes with the professors we all love to learn spells. And we get to meet so many beloved characters, albeit slightly younger than in the books. There’s Flitwick, McGonagall, Snape, Dumbledore, Hagrid, and even a young Bill Weasley! The video also shows us how magic will work, how we’ll be interacting with other characters, some minigames, etc. You can check the video out below.

Yes, it all sounds terribly exciting and a lot of fun. But then I took a closer look at one of the gameplay moments, and my heart sank. For there, in the upper right corner of the screen, what should greet my gaze but what seems to be not one, not two, but three different types of currency. For God’s sake, WB, really? Coins, gems, and this timed lightning currency thing? Okay, maybe that lightning isn’t a currency. I suppose it could be your magical power meter, aka how many spells you can cast before a paywall, but which you can refill by spending money. I’ll bet you anything that the gold will do next to nothing, and that gems will be the only currency worth a damn, except you’ll only be able to buy them with real money.

I mean, I’m gonna give the game a shot either way, but damn, this is already kinda sad. So far, we still don’t know the exact launch date for the game. What we do know is that the launch window is Spring 2018. And, yes, you can pre-register to receive news and updates.

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