Horizon Zero Dawn Sells Over 7.5 Million Copies in First Year

Horizon Zero Dawn is celebrating its first birthday. During its life cycle so far, the game has sold over 7.6 million copies. To mark the occasion, they’re offering free PlayStation avatars, discounts on the Complete Edition of the game, and more.

Horizon Zero Dawn Sells Over 7.5 Million Copies in First Year
Horizon Zero Dawn Sells Over 7.5 Million Copies in First Year

Horizon Zero Dawn has celebrated its first birthday yesterday, on February 28th. The game exploded on launch, and it has received widespread praise from players and critics alike. And, if you ask me, it absolutely deserved it. And, as pointed out in a recent post on PlayStation Blog, in its first year, Horizon Zero Dawn has sold over 7.6 million copies. That’s an amazing number, especially considering it’s exclusive to one platform, and a new IP. In fact, it is “the best-selling new first-party franchise launch on PlayStation 4 as of February 28.”

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The post then goes on to thank the fans for their love and support. Naturally, they’re planning to mark this milestone and the game’s first birthday. For example, there’s a free bundle of PS avatars on the PlayStation Store, featuring all the major characters from Horizon Zero Dawn. There’s also a PS4 theme made up of the best Photo Mode pictures sent by fans. They also made a five-minute behind-the-scenes video showing how the Horizon Zero Dawn score came to be. You can check it out below; it’s an interesting watch if you’re into that sort of thing.

If you want to buy yourself a Modern Icons Aloy statue at the PlayStation Gear store, you can pick it up with a 25% discount by entering the code “anniversary” at checkout, while supplies last. Lastly, if you still don’t own Horizon Zero Dawn, you’ll be able to purchase the Complete Edition on the PlayStation Store at a 30$ discount; 35% with PlayStation Plus. And, there’s more to come in the coming week. So, here’s to Horizon Zero Dawn; may we get many more games like it!

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