Hearthstone Upcoming Update Changes Legendary Cards in Packs

Hearthstone is getting another update, which will coincide with the upcoming new expansion. The update is meant to re-balance card packs; specifically, which Legendary cards you’ll get and at what rate. Once the update drops, you’ll get one Legendary in the first ten packs of a set, guaranteed. Also, you’ll only get Legendary cards that you don’t already own.

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Hearthstone Upcoming Update Changes Legendary Cards in Packs
Hearthstone Upcoming Update Changes Legendary Cards in Packs

Blizzard is on a roll. They announced that a new Overwatch update is live on PTR, which will dramatically reduce the duplicates you get in loot boxes. Hearthstone players will also get an update which will turn the odds a little more in their favor, as far as the RNG is concerned. The update was announced in a post on the Hearthstone official website.

The post, as well as the accompanying video that you can check out below, detail exactly how the update will change Hearthstone card packs. It seems that the main focus is to make acquiring Legendary cards easier. Once the update drops, players opening card packs will only get Legendary cards that they don’t already own. Be it a golden or non-golden Legendary, you won;t see it again in packs until you collect all Legendaries from a given set. This also goes for Legendary cards you’ve crafted; you won’t get them from a pack.

Another change this update will bring is that, when opening a new set, you’re guaranteed to get a Legendary card in your first ten packs. This is all pretty exciting stuff, and hopefully it will help players feel that their getting the maximum out of the card packs they acquire.

The update will drop at the same time as the new Hearthstone expansion that Blizzard is preparing. All in all, it seems there are some fun times in store for Hearthstone players.

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