Heroes of the Storm June 23rd 2017 Weekly Brawl is Silver City

The last week of June will have a Silver City brawl in Heroes of the Storm. Silver City is a single lane map. To get a loot chest reward, players will need to play two matches in this mode.

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Hots June 23rd Weekly Brawl is Silver City
Heroes of the Storm June 23rd 2017 Weekly Brawl is Silver City

This is not the first time we see Silver City in the weekly rotation. Before this, you had the chance to play it in the first week of 2017, and again back in March. As a player who mostly likes to run quick matches as a random hero, I really enjoy the three random hero pick. The fast pace of the single lane makes the fights more intense and the match faster.

Brawl Info:

  • Available until June 30, 2017
  • Destroy the enemy’s core to win.
  • Single Lane
    • No additional battleground objectives are present. Prepare for constant action.
  • All Random
    • Heroes are randomly selected from the entire Heroes roster. There is a chance you’ll have more than one of the same hero in your group.
  • Additional Information
    • Hearthstones are disabled and your starting area doesn’t regenerate health.
    • Globe generators spawn regeneration gloves on the battlefield.
    • Standard play – no talent or level restrictions.
  • Rewards:
    • Complete two matches of the Silver City Brawl to earn a Loot Chest.

Silver City is not the only single-lane battleground brawl. There are also Lost Cavern and Braxis Outpost maps. This mode is also called ARAM, which means All Random All Middle.

If you’ve missed this week’s hero updates, you can get two heroes at a 50% discount. You can acquire Rehgar for 312 gems, while Lt. Morales costs 375 gems. If you’ve taken the Assassins Batch during the 2.0 Free Mega Hero Bundles, now is a good time to get these two heroes.

There are several skins and mounts in this week’s item rotation. You can now get these items for gems as well. Items like featured skins of Dark prelate Zeratul, Pastel Pajama Party Lost Vikings, Jade Monkey King Samuro and Felfuron Uther. The mounts you can now get for gems are Fellboar, Star Chariot and Old Marshal’s Outrider. This hero and item update happens regularly every Tuesday.

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