Hellion Coming to Steam Early Access on February 24th

Hellion is a first-person space survival multiplayer by Zero Gravity. Set in the 23rd century, this space scavenger takes you through the ruins of a failed human space colonization attempt. Players have full freedom to play as they will, while managing dwindling resources. Hellion will be available on Steam Early Access starting February 24th.

Hellion Coming to Steam Early Access on February 24th
Hellion Coming to Steam Early Access on February 24th

The game takes place amidst the ruins of a would-be space colony. After a century in cryogenic suspension, you wake up to find desolation, conflict and ruin everywhere. Your main mission is to survive by gathering resources and repairing what’s left. Players will have full freedom to form alliances with other players towards common goals, or try to survive on their own. You can attempt to form your own society and try to discover what happened with the colony. Or, you can form a band of space pirates and pillage other players. It’s all up to you.

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You can check out the short launch fate announcement trailer below.

Marko Smiljanic, Creative Director at Zero Gravity, had this to say:

We are happy to announce that Hellion will be coming to Steam Early Access this February. This first phase of development allows us to gather feedback from our players so that we can implement the most desired features in the final release and turn Hellion into the ultimate first-person open world experience with realistic player communication, full Newtonian physics and immersive storyline.

The game will be procedurally generated, to insure maximum replayability and variety. Players will have to scavenge and loot basic necessities, such as oxygen and food. They’ll also have to look for parts to fix their deteriorating space stations and spaceships. You’ll inevitably have to cooperate with other players at some point, but never forget – it’s every man for himself. Betrayal will certainly happen a lot.

According to the press release, the game will feature “a complex resource gathering system, a detailed crafting system, unique damage and degradation models for systems and equipment, complex maintenance systems for ships, stations and equipment – all of which are fully modular and customizable – and an immersive background story”. If this sounds like something up your alley, you can check out the Hellion Steam page for more details.

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