Hellion Survival Trailer by Zero Gravity

Hellion is an upcoming survival-scavenge multiplayer sci-fi game by Zero Gravity Studio. It has recently passed Steam Greenlight and will be in Early Access starting January 2017.

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The game is set in a faraway star system, in the ruins of mankind’s first interstellar colony. Your mission is to survive by gathering resources, repairing broken equipment by scavenging parts and building your own space station.

Hellion Survival Trailer by Zero Gravity

The game is multiplayer-based, but still allows you to play it in different ways, so it features an RPG element that way. You can either fly solo, cooperate with other players to form a settlement, or form a group of space pirates and pillage other players.

You can check out the full Survival trailer below.

What may truly set this game apart from others is the complex physics system. Zero Gravity has, appropriate to its name, focused a lot on interplanetary physics. Every planet and asteroid has a realistic orbit. Additionally, space vessels have realistic inertia, so the game really strives for a very true-to-life feel.

A huge chunk of the game is in zero gravity, so you’ll have to learn to use this to your advantage. Since everything in the game is in constant motion, you must adapt and keep on the move in order to survive. You’ll ahve to master your three main propulsion methods – RPS, main thrusters, and warp.

In order to survive, you’ll have to gather resources. Your main concerns are fuel, oxygen and power. You start off with a basic ship and life support, but since everything is falling apart, you’ll have to move fast. Your space station needs regular maintenance, and any major component can give out at any given time. You can repair your ship, of course, but you need parts for that. This is where exploration and salvage come into play. There are abandoned stations scattered around, and you have to find necessary parts there.

If this seems like something that might interest you, please visit the Hellion Steam page. I think it’s a very promising start to what can amount to a really cool gaming experience.

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