Final Fantasy 15 Holiday Pack Plus - How to get free DLC

The Holiday Pack DLC for Final Fantasy XV is going live today. Depending on your location, it might be already available for you. Some people are having trouble getting the DLC off their digital store. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to get Final Fantasy 15 Holiday Pack and solve any download issues you might have.

final fantasy xv holiday pack plus
Final Fantasy 15 Holiday Pack Plus

FFXV Holiday Pack won’t download

First of all, the DLC isn’t part of the patch that went live earlier. It’s a separate thing, so you shouldn’t expect to find the extra items just because you’ve updated the game. Also, the DLC won’t download automatically. You’ll have to manually start the process from the store.

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There are two ways to go about this:

  • Find the game in the store, then check out the list of add-ons. Select the Holiday Pack or Holiday Pack Plus, then hit download.
  • Use the store’s search to find it. Be warned: if it doesn’t show up when you type “Final Fantasy”, try with “FF”.

There’s another catch here. It might not show up at all, no matter what you do. This is because, depending on the region you’re in, the DLC might not be released yet. It’s going live on December 22nd, but at different times in different parts of the world. If it’s not showing up for you, you should just give it some more time, since the storefronts update daily.

Deluxe edition can’t download Holiday Pack Plus

Some Deluxe edition owners have been complaining about not being able to download the Plus pack, just the free one. Sadly, if you’ve bought the physical deluxe edition, you’re out of luck. The season pass isn’t included with this one, so you’re stuck with the free pack, unless you buy the season pass separately.

Where are Holiday Pack Items?

Once you download the Holiday Pack, new items will be added to your inventory automatically. When you start the game you’ll get the message “Bonus content has been unlocked. Start playing the game to receive your gifts.” If the message doesn’t pop up, then you haven’t downloaded the add-on. If you can’t find new DLC items check out our guide How to obtain Holiday Pack items in FF15

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    You can also get to the DLC from the dashboard instead of going all the way through the store. Move the cursor/selector to the FF15 icon and scroll down to the menu on the left hand side, you can get to your available DLC there. For people who don’t know, of course

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    Was about to regret why the hell I don’t buy Deluxe Edition in the first place but now my mind is at ease

    Good thing I don’t have to spend stupidly extra 30 bucks for Deluxe Edition, just season pass alone would be suffice enough

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    where do you get the holiday pack I can’t find it in the PS Store

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