Hellion Update 0.2.3 Launches Today, Patch Notes Revealed

Zero Gravity is preparing to launch a new update for Hellion. The patch notes for Update 0.2.3 are kinda lengthy, and reveal various bug fixes, as well as improvements to preloading, infrastructure, the nav-map, etc. Servers will be down for maintenance from 10 AM to 11 AM UTC, and they will be wiped. Private servers will have to delete server save files to ensure the patch deploys correctly.

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Hellion Update 0.2.3 Launches Today, Patch Notes Revealed
Hellion Update 0.2.3 Launches Today, Patch Notes Revealed

The sci-fi space-scavenging game Hellion is getting a new update today, August 3rd. The announcement of the patch comes with two important bits of news. First off, server maintenance will be happening between 10 and 11 AM UTC. For the update to roll out properly, the developers will do a server wipe. So, if you have a private server, you’ll have to do the same, once you update the game client.

The second bit of news is that further patches and updates will from now on roll out monthly instead of every two weeks. Zero Gravity wants more time to test out new stuff, as well as prolong the interval between server wipes. That way, players will have more time to immerse themselves in the open world, explore, build, and just overall enjoy their progress.

Since the patch notes go on for a bit, we’ll only note the section with bug fixes. The update brings a ton of improvements to various segments of the game, and you can check them out on the official Hellion website. Have fun exploring the far reaches of space!

Bug fixes

  • Despawn ship/module with active player(s) inside.
  • Command module occlusion glitch when player outside or far away.
  • Wall fan occlusion glitch in starting module.
  • Repeatedly loaded scenes stay in client forever.
  • Planets/moons show smaller on Nav-Map than in-game.
  • Cannot pick up several objects from spawn points in PSM.
  • Corridor Module occlusion reverted when player inside.

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