Heroes of the Storm New August Items that Drop With Garrosh Entrance

Heroes of the Storm has dropped a trailer for the new items that will be added to the game once Garrosh makes his entrance into the Nexus. Some of them, like Garrosh son of Hellscream and Mad Axe Garrosh, were already featured in his hero spotlight. We now get to see new color variations, as well as other incoming items, skins, and mounts.

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Some of these items, if not all, are expected to be seen on the PTR today, on July 31st. This is the same PTR where players can play as the new hero Garrosh for the first time, before he makes his appearance on live servers. You can already find out his trait, primary and heroic abilities from the Hero Spotlight trailer.

HOTS August New Items

In the August drop, we can expect five new skins, thirteen new color skin variations, one new mount and sprays, portraits and Garrosh themed emoji.

  • New Skins
    • Garrosh, Son of Hellscream – three color variations
    • Mad Axe Garrosh – three color variations
    • L800 ETC – five color variations
    • Anub’alisk – five color variations
    • Templar Li-Ming – five color variations
  • Color Variation of Older Skins
    • Swarm Abathur
    • Pack Leader Dehaka
    • The Butcherlisk
    • Hellblade Samuro
    • Emberlord Zul’jin (orange and purple)
    • Highlord Alarak
    • Probius Prime (two colors)
    • Lo’gosh Varian
    • Demon Hunter Valeera (two colors)
    • Goliath D.Va
  • New Mount – Road Boar (four color variations)
  • Sprays, Portraits
  • Garrosh Emoji

HOTS New August Items that Drop with Garrosh Entrance
Heroes of the Storm New August Items that Drop With Garrosh Entrance

The last July PTR build also began at the start of the month. With the coming of the new hero Alexei Stukov, we saw various new skins and major Xul changes. Li-Ming had a new color Archon skin variation even back then. She is one of the heroes with the largest number of skin and color variations.

The largest and neatest surprise in the new August item drop is the Anub’arak skin – Anub’alisk. The Zerg skin makes him even scarier, and it really stands out from the others. Anub’arak already has four skins, and this will be the fifth one. My favorite one from them all is the Hearty Love Bug.

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