Heroes of the Storm Garrosh Hellscream is The Next Hero

The next hero coming to Hero of the Storm is Garrosh Hellscream. It is possible that we’ll see him live sometime during next month, in August. As for the role he will take and the abilities he will have, it is too early to predict, but it is highly unlikely we’ll see him healing anyone, except maybe himself.

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Heroes of the Storm Garrosh Hellscream is the next Hero
Heroes of the Storm Garrosh Hellscream The Next Hero

Garrosh, Son of Hellscream, is the next hero in HOTS, following Aleksei Stukov, who was released on July 11, 2017. Teasing the next hero started with the HOTS tweet featuring a WoW Outland’s Dark Portal. Many speculations lead users on a goose chase, as only a few of them mentioned Garrosh as the next hero. Most bets were on Akama, Maiev, Khadgar and others. Garrosh Hellscream can be found in the Outland’s Nagrand map, at Garadar. You meet him if you’ve been doing quests in the area. In here, he serves as the Mag’har’s faction military chief.

The following tweet cleared the list a bit, as it featured the main gate of Orgrimmar with the sentence: “Drums of war can be heard in the distance. Someone is coming…”. Then, all speculations were shot down with the final tweet:

If you are counting Rexxar, Garrosh will be the sixth orc featured in Nexus. The five before him who made an entrance were Thrall, Rehgar, Gul’dan, Rexxar and Samuro.

NameRoleRelease Date
RehgarMelee SupportJuly 23, 2014
ThrallMelee AssassinJanuary 13, 2015
RexxarRanged WarriorSeptember 9, 2015
Gul’danRanged AssassinJuly 12, 2016
SamuroMelee AssassinOctober 18, 2016
GarroshMelee Warrior/ Specialist ?August 2016 ?

Due to the history of Garrosh, you could say it is highly unlikely we’ll see him as a support Hero. If the tables are anything to go by, we can expect him to be a melee warrior, or at least some type of specialist, just like Sylvanas or Medivh.

The Last Six Released Heroes And Their Role
ProbiusRanged Specialist
CassiaRanged Assassin
GenjiRanged Assassin
D.VaRanged Warrior
MalthaelMelee Assassin
StukovMelee Support
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