Pyre Launch Trailer Doesn't Explain Much, But It's Insanely Pretty

Supergiant Games have released the launch trailer for Pyre, their upcoming party-based ancient sports RPG, even though the game’s launch is days away. Oops. The video introduces a bunch of characters, shows off the stunning environments, but doesn’t really explain what the game is about.

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pyre launch trailer
Pyre launch trailer

It’s a game of magic soccer, basically. Except lives are at stake. You lead a bunch of exiles looking to return to their respective homelands. Thankfully, there’s a way out, no matter how grievous your crime. Since playing chess with death has been done to death, here you play magic soccer. The rules are bit different than in regular soccer, but the gist is the same – two teams on opposite sides of the field and a ball that needs to end up in someone’s scoring area.

The matches are three versus three, there are obstacles on the playing field, and of course, there’s magic. You can equip your players with talismans and masteries which improve their abilities, give them new skills and such. You earn enlightenment points when playing, then use them to upgrade your characters. Between the skirmishes, you’ll ride your caravan across the colorful land of Downside, exploring and piecing together the stories of your teammates. What’s really interesting is that defeat doesn’t stop progress – win or lose, the story goes on. This should, in theory, make sure that no two playthroughs are the same.

And once you’re done with the campaign, you can enjoy some good, old-fashioned multiplayer. The versus mode is available only locally at this point, sadly, which means you won’t be able to fight random strangers. Unless you invite them into your home, that is.

Pyre is going to be released on PC and Playstation 4 on July 25th. You can already preorder it, along with the soundtrack.

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