Horizon Forbidden West Aims For 2021 Release

Horizon Forbidden West was one of the most interesting (if not the most interesting) games shown during The Future of Gaming event, where Sony revealed the design of the PlayStation 5 console. The reveal trailer has shown the game’s visuals, but not much more was shared. Yesterday, Sony published a video on YouTube where Mathijs De Jonge, Horizon Forbidden West Director, has shared a couple of new tidbits about the game. The most important piece of information was that Guerilla Games are aiming for a 2021 release. Nothing is set in stone but, at the moment, we should expect the new Horizon game to come out sometime next year.

Horizon Forbidden West Takes Place From Utah To California, Has A Bigger Map

In the video, we’ve received the confirmation that Horizon Forbidden West takes place all across the western US. We have deserts of Utah on the one end and lush tropical forests of California on the other. In between, there are snowy mountains and other biomes. As for the game’s size, the upcoming Horizon game will have a map that’s a bit bigger than the original. The map’s packed with interesting locations and this time, players will be able to explore underwater locations. You’ll be able to dive below the surface and discover various monuments of the old world, just watch for dangerous machines lurking in depths below.

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Horizon Forbidden West will also include a bunch of new machines. One of the biggest (literally) new additions is a mammoth-like beast that packs lots of weapons and armor. It seems that the epic encounters with Thunderjaws from the first game will get a worthy replacement. Horizon Forbidden West will also utilize PlayStation 5 hardware in order to offer next-to-no-loading experience. You will be able to reload checkpoints in mere moments and fast travel should be instantaneous. In the sequel, Alloy will try to discover the source of a mysterious Red Plague that destroys all living things. She will also try to find ways to stop apocalyptic storms ravaging the Forbidden West. But Horizon Forbidden West hides many other secrets that won’t be shared until the game comes out in 2021.

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