HOTS New Hero Garrosh is Now on Live Servers With an Update

The Heroes of the Storm new hero, Garrosh, is now on live servers, along with the latest update, version 2.27.0 and its update notes. There are no big changes from its PTR testing period. The only two new things that were added to the PTR version are about two maps, Hanamura and Dragon Shire.

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HOTS New Hero Garrosh is Now on Live Servers With the Update
HOTS New Hero Garrosh is Now on Live Servers With the Update

If you’ve participated in the latest PTR, you had the chance to enjoy the changes that are now on live servers. The update’s contents are listed as v2.27.0 and you can find things like:

  • General – Team Compositions (Quick Match & Versus A.I.)
  • New Hero: Garrosh
  • Artanis Art
  • User Interface (Armor Indicators, Cursor Cooldown Notifications, MVP Banners, In-Game Chat Improvements)
  • Battlegrounds (General, Map Rotation Update, Cursed Hollow, Dragon Shire)
  • Heroes (Ragnaros, The Butcher, Probius, Auriel, D.Va, Sonya)
  • Collection (New Bundles and Skins)
  • Bug Fixes

The full v2.27.0 patch notes are as always posted on the official site, or you can just check them from your launcher.

The difference between this and its PTR version concerns the Hanamura map, as it has been temporarily removed from all game modes except Custom Games in order to undergo changes. According to the lead game designer comment on forums, this measure was made in order to make fundamental changes to the map, as a response to player feedback.

Changes to another map are listed in this update, but were live since Alexei Stukov made his appearance on Nexus, on July 11. Said changes were made to one of my favorite maps, Dragon Shire.

Dragon Shire Dragon Knight

  • General – Now deals double damage to minions. Base Health increased from 8000 to 9300. Starting duration increased from 50 to 55 seconds. Adjusted weapon swing to feel more responsive.
  • Flame Breath (Q) – Base initial damage increased from 70 to 85. Damage over time effect now happens in half the previous time (total damage has not been changed).
  • Savage Charge (W) – No longer has a .25 second damage delay after punting the target. Base damage increased from 300 to 450.

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