Where to farm Berries and how to get more Berries in Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee

Getting more Berries in Pokemon Let’s Go Pikach and Eevee are never ending task. As you progress through the game you’ll need more and more berries, especially if you want to become a proud owner of shiny Pokemons. As you already know these special items will help you increase chances of capturing wild Pokemons, or increase your chances of getting items from the pokemon. When you give a Razz Berry, Pinap Berry or Nanab Berry to an angry Pokemon it will make it slightly easier to catch it. In this guide we’ll show you how to farm Berries and get lots of them in Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee.

pokemon lets go berries best farming places
Best places to farm Berries in Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee and Pikachu

How to get more Berries in Pokemon Let’s Go

There are several ways of getting this important item in Pokemon Let’s Go, and we’ll share all out knowledge with you:

  1. You can get them as drops from catching wild Pokemon. Every time you catch a Pokemon, depending on how well your capture went, you have a chance to get a Berry as a drop reward. You can also get candies this way. Getting multiplier bonus higher than 4 often results in berries. If you come across a large pokemon and catch it with excellent throw you can easily get a multiplier higher than 4. If you also give them a Pinap Berry before the catch, you can get up to 3 different berries at a time (thanks I_Loathe_You).
  2. If you are running low on berries don’t forget to stop by bushes for a second and press A, or put a pokemon out to follow you and see if this natural item finder indicates that you can pick a berry from a nearby bush.

Where to farm Berries in Pokemon Let’s Go

So far, we have encountered two best places for farming berries. The first one is at the start of the game in Viridian forest. Chaining Weedles seems to be a pretty good source of Berries. The second place is later in the game on Route 17. You’ll have to wake a sleeping Pokemon with a Poke Flute in order to unlock this route. There are quite a lot of yellow Bushes on this route, and you’ll nearly always find a berry inside. Another great news is that they respawn pretty fast.

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