Pokemon Let's Go: How to get Flute and wake sleeping pokemon Snorlax on Route 16

Finding Flute to wake sleeping Snorlax in Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee is not an easy task at all. Huge pokemon is blocking Route 16, and you can make him move out of the way only with a Poke Flute. Our Pokemon Let’s Go detailed guide on how to get the Flute and wake sleeping pokemon will show you where to find the Poke Flute.

pokemon lets go flute location

Where to find Flute and how to wake Sleeping Pokemon

Poke Flute is a special key item you will receive upon resolving the mystery in Pokemon Tower in Lavender Town. Before you can get this item, you’ll have to find Silph Scope in Celadon City. This is another special item that you’ll receive after defeating rivals in Team Rocket Hideout and their leader Giovanni. Silph Scope will help you reveal the ghost’s true form in Pokemon Tower. With it you’ll be able to reach the last floor, and free Mr. Fuji from Jessie and James. After that, you’ll follow Mr. Fuji to his home, at the foot of the Tower, where he’ll give you the Poke Flute. You will also find out that upon hearing the Poke Flute’s beautiful tone sleeping Pokemon will spring awake. Unfortunately, you can’t use it in battle if any of your Pokemon get the Sleep status.

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