How To Reset Valorant Night Market Skins

Valorant’s Night Market is one of the unique features in Riot’s first-person shooter which allows players to purchase some older skins at a heavy discount. It is a highly popular Store feature, as it gives players the opportunity to buy some previously removed skins. Of course, there’s a catch. This set of six skins is separately randomized for each player. Thus, some players might not get what they want, or discounts might not be particularly good. So, can you refresh Valorant Night Market skins? Here’s what we know.

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How To Reset Valorant Night Market Skins

How To Refresh Valorant Night Market Skins

Unfortunately, there is no direct way to refresh your offered skins if you don’t like what you got. The offered six skins will only reset once the market opens up again the next time. Usually, the Night Market opens once every two months, and that’s when you will receive a refreshed set of Night Market skins. That’s the downside of this offer. You may receive some crazy good discounts for the skins you want, your it may be a lacklustre selection of skins.

How To Refresh Valorant Night Market Skins
A new skin will fill a slot upon purchasing one of the offered skins

The only way to refresh a skin slot in Night Market is by purchasing one of the offered Night Market skins in the Store. Once you purchase one of the offered skins, the slot can be filled again, and a new skin will appear in its place. Though, this obviously requires you to spend Radianite Points on a skin you might not want. It’s far from the ideal way, but that’s the only thing you can do. If you purchase all of the six offered skins, you will get a fresh set of six new skins. In the future, Riot Games might introduce some kind of a re-roll feature for Night Market, but for now, there’s no such option. With that said, that’s all you need to know about resetting skins in Valorant Night Market.

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