How to Slide Cancel in Warzone, PC & Console Guide

Knowing how to Slide Cancel in Warzone is essential if you want to stand out from the masses of casual players in the battle royale. Ever since the good old days of the Verdanks map, the Slide Cancel move has been a very useful trick up players’ sleeves, serving an important role in a player’s movement. It is almost as important as the iconic bunny hopping, and it is something any player should learn. Read on to learn how to Slide Cancel in Warzone on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

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How to Slide Cancel in Warzone, PC & Console Guide

What is Slide Cancel in Warzone?

Before we explain how to do it, let’s first see why it is so important and why everyone who plays Warzone should know how to perform it. The most important thing is that it will let you move significantly faster if you can do it properly and consistently. Thus you will be able to rotate quicker, spend less time moving around the map, be able to engage and disengage in combat faster than your foes, etc. It also serves as an evasion tool, as it will be harder to hit you due to all the changes in your body position. Once you master it, it will be an essential trick in your arsenal.

How to Slide Cancel in Warzone on PC

Now when you know why is this move important, let’s see how to do it properly. First, let’s start with the PC, or more precisely, with a keyboard and mouse. This is what you need to do in order to Slide Cancel in Warzone on PC (provided you are using the default controls):

  • Initiate Tactical Sprint by double-pressing Left Shift.
  • Slide by holding down the left CTRL key.
  • Now quickly press the Left CTRL to enter a crouch position.
  • This should be quickly followed by the Space Bar tap to enter a standing position.

It sounds complicated and it will take you some time to perfect it, but once it enters your muscle memory, it will become a routine for you. The trick is to constantly repeat these steps in order to utilize the movement speed it will provide you. By constantly repeating this, you will move significantly faster than if you just sprint.

How to Slide Cancel in Warzone on PlayStation & Xbox

Now let’s see how to perform this move on a console. Again, the controls here are the default ones, if you have changed your Button Layout, then use the newly assigned buttons to execute these actions. Here’s how to do it:

  • Start tactical sprint by Double-tapping the left stick.
  • Hold circle (PS5/4) or B (Xbox) to initiate sliding.
  • Tap circle (PS5/4) or B (Xbox) to switch to crouch.
  • Press X (PS5/4) or A (Xbox) to stand up.

It might be a bit more complicated to perform these steps quickly and successively on a controller, but again, practice will let you master it quickly. Now when you know what you need to do, start practising it and eventually you will see improvements in your game and better results! With that said, our “How to Slide Cancel in Warzone” guide is completed.

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