Humble Spooky Horror Bundle Will Scare Your Pants Off

The latest Humble Bundle is filled to the brim with horror games, even though it’s not that time of the year. Still, if you’re looking for a scare, there’s some quality stuff in it. And it’s dirt cheap, as usual. What’s not to like?

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humble spooky horror bundle
Humble Spooky Horror Bundle

The first tier is pay what you want (with a $1 minimum if you want Steam keys). It includes Dead Age, a post-apocalyptic survival game with zombies, turn based combat and a non-linear story. It was made by the developers of Grotesque Tactics, in case that means anything to you. Then there’s Dreadout and it’s standalone expansion, Dreadout: Keepers of the Dark. Both are about highschool children getting in trouble of the supernatural variety. Finally, there’s the Lakeview Cabin Collection, a four part game that lovingly parodies slasher films. It’s ace, and you can try out the prototype here.

The second tier is a beat-the-average type of deal (about $7 at the time of writing). It starts off with Layers of Fear, a reasonably successful empty-house-but-is-it-really-empty game from the makers of Observer. Then there’s Alien: Isolation, the only decent Alien game in the last god knows how long. Finally, there’s one of the unreasonably popular Five Nights At Freddy’s games (it’s the Sister Location spin-off).

The final tier is a lonely place, with only Dead By Daylight, the recent hit asymmetrical multiplayer game. It’s kinda like Friday the 13th but without the licensing. And a year older. You’ll have to shell out $10 if you want this one.

If it sounds tempting, just go to the official site and pull the trigger. If you’re on the fence, you have twelve more days to make up your mind. After that, it will go off quietly into the night, only to return each year on the same date, to haunt those who hadn’t purchased it.

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