Humble Store Black Friday 2017 Fall Sale Now Live

The Humble Store Fall Sale 2017 has gone up, a little ahead of Black Friday, and there’s a ton of games that you can get on discount. This includes both indie games and AAA games from all genres. There’s even a free game that you can pick up while the offer lasts. The Humble Store Fall sale will last for a week, until next Tuesday.

Humble Store Black Friday 2017 Autumn Sale Now Live
Humble Store Black Friday 2017 Fall Sale Now Live

If you’re cruising for deals on PC games this fall, the Humble Store has already started with their sale. No doubt, other outlets will be starting soon, but for now, the Humble Store is the place to be. Their Black Friday Fall Sale will last until November 28th, 10 AM Pacific Time. According to the Humble Store website, there’s thousands of games on offer, and even one freebie that you can pick up for a limited time.

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So, let’s pick out some of the deals that you can make use of during the sale. We’re going to get the freebie out of the way first. It’ll probably be a bit of a letdown for many. The game in question is Brütal Legend, and, let’s face it, if you’re not into metal, you probably won’t care too much about it. If you are a metalhead, then you might want to look into this one. If for no other reason, then because you get to meet Ozzy, Lemmy, Rob Halford, and Lita Ford.

Now, on to the different deals you can pick up. Some of the more major discounts include Project Cars for $36, Dark Souls 3 for $24, GTA V for $30, Project Cars for $36, Dragon’s Dogma for $12, Street Fighter V for $20, Resident Evil 7 for $30, Alien Isolation: The Collection for $10, L.A. Noire Complete Edition for $18, and so on and on. There’s truly a daunting number of games that are on sale. If you’re looking to score some games that you’ve been eyeing, go ahead to the Humble Store and browse away. Odds are, you’ll find something for you.

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