PlayStation 4 Black Friday 2017 Deals - Consoles, Games, Accessories

If you’re looking to get a new Playstation 4, be it the regular version or Pro, Black Friday is a great time to buy one. The consoles will be sold with discounts at shops around the world, and some are already starting to warm up. You’ll also get a chance to snag some cheap games, as well as accessories. We’re going to list the Playstation 4 Black Friday 2017 deals here as we find them.

PlayStation 4 Black Friday Deals - Consoles, Games, Accessories
PlayStation 4 Black Friday Deals – Consoles, Games, Accessories

The Playstation 4 Pro doesn’t seem to have a slashed price anywhere at this point, but there was a rumor that suggested it will be sold for $350 at GameStop. Take that with a grain of salt, though. The regular version of the console – the one you should get if you don’t have or plan on getting a 4K TV – seems like it’s going to be sold for $200 at most places. Some big retailers are offering coupons for certain amounts of money spent, so it’s worth checking each of the ones near you.

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If you’re looking to get into VR, Amazon is offering a bunch of bundles centered around the PSVR headset. You can get it by itself, coupled with Skyrim or Gran Turismo Sport, with or without the move controllers, and so on. Expect the headset to be around $200 (without the games or additional equipment).

Expect a bunch of games to go on sale as well. At this point, you can get Nioh at Best Buy for $20. Amazon is also a good place to look – you can get Bloodborne for $20, Uncharted 4 for $20 or Horizon Zero Dawn for $35. If you’re in the UK, be sure to check out GAME – they’ve got Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus in a fancy metal case for £30, for example. You may even be able to find it for less, if you’re not a fan of fancy metal cases.

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