Hyper Scape, Battle Royale Title From Ubisoft, Reportedly In Works

It seems that the battle royale craze isn’t over. Despite the fact that we have four huge battle royale titles at the moment (PUBG, Fortnite, Apex Legends, and CoD Warzone), we could get another free-to-play battle royale game pretty soon. According to Rod Breslau, a known esports consultant, Ubisoft is working on an upcoming battle royale title called Hyper Scape. The game is free-to-play and the publisher is getting ready to announce it to the public. According to Rod, Ubisoft will tease the game later today, will share more information at a later date.

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Hyper Scape Comes To PCs First, Will Support Cross-Play Once It Arrives On Consoles

Hyper Scape

Hyper Scape is set for release later in 2020. First, the closed beta is set for the next week. Next, we will receive open beta sometimes during the summer. Finally, the PC version of the game will arrive before the consoles get it. But, once the game launches for consoles, all platforms will support cross-play, which is pretty neat. As for the game itself, Hyper Scape is a futuristic battle royale title set in a “futuristic virtual world.”

The game is being worked on by Ubisoft Montreal, known for Rainbow Six Siege. Given their track record with Rainbow Six Siege, these guys might create an amazing battle royale game that could find its way into the mainstream. Despite the fact that the BR genre is overstuffed at the moment, with seemingly no space for another large name to be successful. But, Hyper Scape is built from the ground up with streamers in mind. According to the report, the game will have “with never seen levels of integration from a big game before. Twitch chat will among other things be able to directly impact the game live with game-changing events.” If the Twitch integration doesn’t turn out to be a total gimmick, maybe we will see something new in the BR genre. At least we don’t have to wait long to check out the game.