Immortals Fenyx Rising Trailer Gives Us a First Look at Gameplay

Immortals Fenyx Rising is a proper mouthful. The word salad you see before you is the new name of Gods & Monsters, an open world action adventure game by Ubisoft. During yesterday’s Ubisoft Forward online conference/showcase/thing, the game got its first public showing, so now we know a bit about how it’s going to play out. So scroll down and join us on an epic journey of peril, adventure and watching a short Youtube video.

immortals fenyx rising gameplay trailer
Immortals Fenyx Rising Trailer Gives Us a First Look at Gameplay

It’s basically as if someone mashed Assassin’s Creed and Breath of The Wild together. That’s the elevator pitch. You take on the role of Fenix, a supernatural warrior who lands on a mythical island filled with mythical creatures. Your goal is to help the Greek gods by protecting them from the wrath of Typhon the titan. You’ll use three fancy weapons, along with the powers bestowed upon you by the same gods you’re trying to save. You’ll collect heart containers and stamina containers, visit things that look interesting from a distance (or have a giant, screaming question mark on the map), and fight harpies, bullmen and cyclopses.

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Fenyx also has a phoenix, whose name is Phosphorus. Probably spelled Fosforus or something. He can help her in combat by pecking the beasts violently. Knowing who’s behind the game, he’ll probably be able to scout stuff for you as well.

Basically, it looks like Assassin’s Creed’s more cheerful younger sibling, and I’m totally down with that. There’s enough grime in the real world, we don’t need ALL our games to reflect that. It also looks much more densely packed, like you couldn’t drop a needle and not hit a point of interest – not sure how I feel about that, but you’ll be able to see it for yourself on December 3rd, when Ymmortals Fenyx Rysyng launches on every platform known to man.

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