Watch Dogs Legion Will Feature Stormzy & Aiden Pearce

According to the new info released by Ubisoft, Watch Dogs Legion is going to feature two pretty popular faces. The first one is British rapper Stormzy, who really is a perfect fit with the overall feel of the game. The second one is Aiden Pearce, the infamous protagonist of the first Watch Dogs, making his return. That’s sure to please the fans (and make sure that they buy the season pass, of course).

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watch dogs legion will feature stormzy & aiden pearce
Watch Dogs Legion Will Feature Stormzy & Aiden Pearce

Yes, Aiden Pearce is going to be a part of the Watch Dogs Legion post-launch content. He will be a fully-playable character, and have a dedicated story arc. So, yeah you’ll have to purchase the Season Pass to play as Pearce. In case you were wondering, it comes bundled with the Gold, Ultimate, and Collector’s edition of the game. In the Pass, you’ll get “one new story expansion delivered in two narrative arcs, extra DedSec missions, four unique heroes including Aiden Pearce, the Complete Edition of the original Watch Dogs game from 2014, and more.”

As for Stormzy, he will be the central part of a mission called “Fall on My Enemies.” In it, you’ll have to help the rapper by securing the broadcast of his song “Rainfall” (feat. Tiana Major9) in Central London. The song is from Stormzy’s 2019 album “Heavy Is The Head.” Incidentally, there’s also a video for the song coming on October 1st, and it’s made entirely using the Watch Dogs: Legion engine.

If you want to what Stormzy is going to look like in the game, check out the teaser below. You’ll even get a sneak peek at the above-mentioned music video. Watch Dogs Legion is coming out on October 29th. You’ll be able to play it on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Google Stadia, and PC. As for the upcoming console generation, you can expect to see it on Xbox Series X/S on November 10th. No word on when the PS5 version launches yet.

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