Infamous Japanese developer Swery says his next game will be “perverted, violent and crazy”. So, what else is new?

Swery might seem eccentric to a non-Japanese eye, but eventually you have to start liking the guy. He is the main name behind Deadly Premonition and Dark Dreams Don’t Die and currently he is working on several new games in his new studio, White Owl.

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Yes, that is a girl dressed like a cat with a mouse in her mouth. D4 is like that.

Swery, also known as Hidetaka Suehiro, stopped working last year due to sickness. He even retired from his old studio, Access Games. Luckily, he seems to be back on track. Swery became a bit of a cult legend after Deadly Premonition, which was probably one of the funniest, most over-the-top games you could ever play that still managed to take itself seriously. Where other games would just be considered failures, Deadly Premonition became something wonderful. It was followed by Dark Dreams Don’t Die, or D4, another eccentric piece of software which saw another huge list of crazy characters, but was marred by the choice of QTEs as the main gameplay tool.

Swery has been a guest at Reboot Develop in Croatia last week (as well as the year before). He has been talking about his life and what he has done since taking a break due to disease (hint: it involved becoming a Buddhist priest and tattooing most of his body). He also talked about his note-taking process. Noticing the appearance, motivations and personality of people he meets on his travels play a large part in creating the eccentric characters that inhabit his games.

In the end, Swery did not have a lot to say about his next game, apart from it being “perverted, violent and crazy”, while White Owls as a studio plan to release “bizarre, scary, grotesque and dreamlike” games. Oh, and their side project is a game that features cats.

That sounds just like what the doctor ordered. Never change, Swery!