Jak & Daxter PS2 Classics heading to Playstation 4

Sony have announced that another pack of classic Playstation 2 games will be coming to Playstation 4 later this year. The Jak & Daxter PS2 Classics is going to contain every Jak & Daxter game, refurbished for the new generation. They’ve also released a short teaser that shows off the titular pair in a bunch of different levels from the series – it’s not going to mean much to newcomers, but returning players are going to love it.

jak & daxter ps2 classics
Jak & Daxter PS2 Classics

The trailer is quite simple – it shows off the protagonists in various poses, with different levels changing in the background. The games are being updated to run at 1080p, and support for key Playstation features like Remote Play and trophies/achievements is being added. The bundle is going to contain:

  • Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy
  • Jak 2
  • Jak 3
  • Jak X: Combat Racing

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There’s no word on either the price or the release date, but it’s coming before the end of the year. In case you haven’t played the series, it’s one of the classics from the golden age of 3D platformers. You run around intricate maps, collecting hundreds (sometimes thousands) of collectibles. You solve puzzles from time to time, but it’s mostly about navigating the landscape, finding secret nooks and getting every last egg.

Being able to play the original PS2 discs would make the news even better – buying the games again even if you have the originals feels kinda awkward. Owners of the Jak & Daxter Vita collection must be even more sour because of this. Since it doesn’t seem like Sony is going to start supporting the emulation of older Playstation titles on newer platforms, this is the only option most people have, if they’re interested in experiencing a piece of gaming history.

We’ll let you know once we have more info about the bundle’s price, or the precise launch date. Stay tuned.

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