Jedi Fallen Order Extended Gameplay Demo Revealed

EA have released an extended cut of the Jedi: Fallen Order gameplay demo from E3. It includes some extra footage, such as taking command and piloting an AT-AT walker. Also, there are slight differences in how certain sections are taken care of. Not that much different, all things considered, but oh well.

Jedi Fallen Order Extended Gameplay Demo Revealed
Jedi Fallen Order Extended Gameplay Demo Revealed

The response to the Jedi: Fallen Order gameplay video that EA released back during E3 was… somewhat underwhelming. While there’s not really anything particularly wrong with it, it just seemed kinda rote. And, it doesn’t help that EA’s treatment of the Star Wars licence hasn’t exactly been stellar, no pun intended. So, the public opinion is not exactly in the game’s favor from the get go. Well, now, EA has released an extended cut of the gameplay video, which you can check out below. It doesn’t really include much of note, aside from infiltrating and piloting an AT-AT.

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Now, you might think to yourself, Joe, how is infiltrating and piloting an AT-AT not “much of note?” Well… just look at it. Climbing the thing is fine and kinda cool, but once you’re inside, it’s a bit of a letdown. Actually sitting down and piloting the AT-AT is basically a slow-moving turret section. Not exactly the most thrilling section. There are also minor changes to how our hero deals with some of the sections shown before, including force-flinging storm troopers off of cliffs. We are playing as the good guy, right? A bunch of stuff he does looks really dark-sidey to me.

I’m gonna be honest here, dear readers… I’m really not feeling this one. And not just because there’s no light saber dismemberment, which many seem to be disturbingly upset about. The game just looks really boring to me. I hope I’m wrong, but based on what we’ve seen so far, I’m not gonna hold my breath much. I guess we’ll know for sure on November 15th, when Jedi: Fallen Order launches.

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