Steam Summer Sale is Under Way With a Grand Prix Gimmick

Cheap games! This year’s Steam summer sale has started, which means a bunch of proper good stuff can be bought at affordable prices. It’s going to be on for two weeks, so there’s plenty of time to buy even more games you’ll never have the time to play. Read on for some recommendations.

steam summer sale 2019
Steam Summer Sale is Under Way With a Grand Prix Gimmick

As I’ve mentioned, there’s a racing gimmick, but I really can’t be arsed to look into it any further, lest I lose what little sanity I have left. I’m gonna go on a limb and presume it will make you check back every day for some nebulous reason, and reward you for being a good boy by giving you new emojis or some such.

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The front page is littered by big games on hefty discounts – you can get both Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and Prey for 50% off. Sekiro is 20% off, which is also pretty nice considering it’s still smouldering. If you’re the last person on Earth who hasn’t yet bought GTA5, you can do it now for $15.

In case you were one of the several millions of people who’ve been enjoying Dauntless over the past month, you might want to check out Monster Hunter: World, its older, more involved sibling.

If it’s smaller stuff you’re after, a bunch of indie games are on sale as well, starting with the underrated indie game that is The Witcher 3. Looking for a rogue-like timesink? You should check out Dead Cells. If 3D collect-a-thons are your thing, A Hat In Time is brilliant and available for cheapsies. Into The Breach is one of the best tactics games of the last decade, and it’s 50% off at the moment. Hollow Knight is one of the rare post-SoTN metroidvanias that really excited me, so you could check that out too.

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