John Wick Hex is an Upcoming Strategy Action Game, Trailer Revealed

Lionsgate and Good Shepherd Entertainment have teamed up to give the world John Wick Hex. It’s going to be a kind of strategy-action game, where you’ll have to carefully plot out how you face your enemies, using Wick’s signature gun-fu. To the delight of all, it’s going to be an Epic Store exclusive on PC and Mac.

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John Wick Hex is an Upcoming Strategy Action Game, Trailer Revealed
John Wick Hex is an Upcoming Strategy Action Game, Trailer Revealed

I suppose it was only a matter of time until a John Wick game was in the works. The people behind the game are Good Shepherd Entertainment, with Mike Bithell (Volume, Thomas Was Alone, Subsurface Circular) acting as director. The press release describes the game as a “fast-paced, action-oriented strategy game that makes you think and strike like the professional hitman.” As you play through the story mode, you’ll unlock new suits, locations, weapons, etc. Also, ammo will be finite, so even reloading is going to become a tactical decision. Not a bad pitch, I gotta say.

Now, I gotta admit, I didn’t expect a John Wick game to be a turn-based combat kind of thing, no matter how fast-paced it may seem. Something closer to Hotline Miami or something. Still, though, it does look interesting; judging solely by the trailer, anyway. It seems to kinda emulate the fast reflexes of John Wick. And I do really like how stylized it is. It fits the general feel and aesthetic of the movies pretty nicely, I’d say.

John Wick Hex doesn’t have a set release date, and we don’t know for certain what platforms it’s going to be on. The press release mentions that it’s being developed for consoles, but doesn’t detail which ones. We do know that it will be available on PC and Mac. Why, yes, it is going to be an Epic Store exclusive. I’m sure that won’t make anyone mad.

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