Johnny Gat Coming to Agents of Mayhem as Preorder Bonus

Deep Silver and Volition have announced fan favorite murderous lunatic Johnny Gat will be joining the roster of Agents of Mayhem, their upcoming third person shooter. The bad news is that he’s only available as a preorder bonus, probably to combat the lukewarm response the game has been getting all around. Everyone knows Saints Row fans love them some Johnny Gat. There’s also a trailer, showing off the character in action.

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johnny gat agents of mayhem
Johny Gat, reduced to a preorder bonus

Here’s the spiel: if you buy the game before release (that is, before anyone can tell you if it’s worth a damn or not), you get Johnny as an agent, his unlock mission, personal mission, vehicle, character and weapon skins. He looks a lot different than in previous games, but he’s still being voiced by Daniel Dae Kim, the same actor from the Saints Row games.

If you’re wondering how the hell is Gat’s presence explained (like we did), it appears the ending of Gat Out of Hell in which Johnny asks God to reset the universe is now cannon. God pushed the big, red button, something went sideways and we got the Agents of Mayhem universe. In which Johnny is actually Lieutenant Gat, the “the best damn cop Seoul’s got”. Well that’s awkward.

He’s still the same old fun-loving psychopath with a penchant for oversized knives, though. But you won’t be able to enjoy him unless you buy the game in advance. He might turn up as paid-for DLC somewhere down the line, but there’s no guarantee.

Agents of Mayhem is going to be released on August 18th, on PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Preordering it will get you a bunch of fancy skins, Johnny Gat, and the sweet knowledge that you’re helping keep an extremely consumer-unfriendly business practice alive way past its expiration date.

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