Journey Coming to PC on June 6th via Epic Games Store

The gorgeous indie darling from the yesteryear of PlayStation 3, Journey, is soon not going to be a PlayStation exclusive anymore. It’s launching on PC on June 6th, only on the Epic Games Store. It’s up for pre-orders, and at a heavy discount, too, as a part of Epic’s ongoing Mega Sale.

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Journey Coming to PC on June 6th via Epic Games Store
Journey Coming to PC on June 6th via Epic Games Store

Journey began its life on the PlayStation 3, as an exclusive in 2012, and became a critical darling pretty much instantly. It garnered enough attention, that Sony deemed it important (and, let’s be honest, lucrative) enough to remaster for the PlayStation 4. Now, the beautiful indie title is getting yet another new lease on life. The brainchild of dev team Thatgamecompany will no longer be a PlayStation exclusive starting next week. It will, however, remain an exclusive of a sort. On June 6th, Journey is coming out on PC on the Epic Games Store only. At least, for the time being.

For those of you not in the know about Journey, let’s get you up to speed real quick. The thing is more of a work of art than a game, but it is an adventure game with some puzzle-platforming in the mix. You play as a robed figure with a scarf that allows you to fly as long as the runes on it glow. You can recharge the runes, and the scarf grows longer over the course of the game. You start in a desert, and have to reach a mountain in the distance. That’s as far as I’m gonna go. You want to live through the rest for yourself.

So, if you’re a fan of stylish, cryptic puzzle-platformer adventure games, then you should absolutely give Journey a spin. After all, it only takes a couple of hours to beat. Plus, it’s currently just five bucks in the ongoing Epic sale. If you don’t mind using the Epic launcher, then by all means, head over to the Journey Epic Store page. It’s an experience worth living through, no matter the platform.

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    Here is how today’s Epic Game store went, as in not so Epic experience… Not a fan of multiple loaders but ok I went to go check it out. Decided to install Unreal Tournament… downloaded and installed the loader. Now I do not (WILL NOT) install games on my C drive, no thanks and frack off. So I change it to another drive letter and get a error code. Ok I am getting a bit annoyed at this point, I go to the support page and DP-07 apparently doesn’t mean shit on your their support list… So I go to put in a ticket and start filling that out, and guess what it requires all fields to be filled out, to bad the #$%^ game isn’t on the list. F this off to go browse Steam titles!

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