Dauntless How to Interrupt With Hammer Special Secondary Attack

The hammer is one of the weapons in Dauntless. It’s a blunt weapon that does massive damage, but it’s pretty slow. It’s great if you’re looking to stagger a behemoth, but it also has a cannon in the head. You can use that cannon to rocketjump, or to interrupt enemy attacks. However, the game doesn’t really teach you how to use this skill. That’s why we’ve written a guide about Dauntless hammer special, to show you how to interrupt with hammer secondary attack.

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dauntless  hammer special how to interrupt
Dauntless Hammer Special – How to Interrupt With Secondary Attack

How to use hammer special skill?

The move list explains how the alt fire works, at least on a basic level. It lets you stuff ammo into the head of the hammer (represented by the canisters under the health and stamina bars), then shoot the cannon to interrupt behemoths. What it doesn’t explain is exactly how this all works.

First of all, you have to be really close. The cannon has an insanely low range – not exactly melee, but not far from it. So don’t think you’ll do any actual damage from a distance. The number of shells you stuff into the chamber will dictate the amount of damage you’ll do, but the damage is secondary here – you’re aiming for that interrupt.

The thing is, only certain types of attacks can be interrupted. You’ll recognize them by the red spikes that appear around the behemoths head when he’s performing them. If you shoot them while they’re in the middle of one such attach, you’ll stop the attack and topple the beast. This will give you a chance to do a bunch of free damage while the monster tries to get up. Since you’re using a hammer, you can even sneak in a stagger while they’re down, which leads to even more free damage.

Attacks that can be interrupted include the swooping thing that Shries and Skaves do, that one when a Skarn props up on its hind legs (as well as the cursed whirlwind), and some of Embermane’s charging attacks. Not all behemoths have these kinds of attacks, but look for the red halo – that’s the only sign you need.

How to interrupt attacks?

We’ve explained how to interrupt attacks using the hammer special skill above, but you can do it with some other weapons too. The spear also has an interrupting skill, but it’s a bit trickier – you need to do enough damage to fill the meter in the upper left corner, then use up that meter to generate a bullet. Holding the same button will charge the spear and shoot a projectile, but you have to watch the animation closely so as not to overcharge. The upside here is that the spear actually allows you to aim, and it has a much longer range.

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