LawBreakers Developer Working on Battle Royale Game

Only days after pulling the plug on poor, old LawBreakers, Boss Key Productions have announced their new project. Not only that, but they’re also releasing on Steam Early Access today. LawBreakers was an exciting prospect, and it’s kinda sad it didn’t manage to take off. So obviously, anyone who took it for a spin should be excited about what’s next for Cliffy B and co, right? And it looks like they were, right until the moment they found out it’s a battle royale game.

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radical heights battle royale
LawBreakers Developer Working on Battle Royale Game

Radical Heights is a battle royale clash set in an eighties game show. It takes place under a giant dome, because it’s the eighties. It’s going to be free to play, and it’s launching on Steam Early Access later today. The devs have released a trailer for it as well, but it doesn’t really inspire confidence. Check it out yourself, we’ve embedded it below. I’ll wait.

So, yeah. It’s, uh… it looks kinda bad. You can drive a BMX around. That’s always nice. Tiny bicycle stunts aside, it doesn’t really look like it’s ready for public scrutiny. The trailer shows no attempt to differentiate itself from the competition. Obviously, the setting is different but is it really? That alone probably won’t be able to support the game by itself. Hopefully they don’t decide to include frying pans.

There are certain game show elements the devs are trying to pass off as novelties, but they sound more like padding. We’ll find out for ourselves soon enough, thankfully. LawBreakers really did try to shake things up, while this look more like Boss Key have thrown in the towel. Hopefully I’m wrong, and you can all make fun of me for being so wrongly wrong as soon as tomorrow. Only time will tell.

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