Lego Incredibles Gets A New Trailer, Showing the Family's Many Powers

Warner Bros has published a new trailer for Lego Incredibles, the latest game to join the Minifigures X Superheroes family of products. It focuses on the IP’s biggest strength, which is the multitude of varied superpowers that members of the Parr family possess, like being strong, or being fast. The game’s going to be released on June 15th, the video announces, on everything ranging from the Atari 2600 to the latest line of Candy smart dishwashers.

lego incredibles parr family trailer
Lego Incredibles Gets A New Trailer, Showing the Family’s Many Powers

I hope you’ll forgive the snark, but I’m just not feeling it. This seems like a classic Lego superhero game template applied to the worst possible group of superheroes they could find. Having hundreds of characters at your disposal is arguably one of the best things these games do, and this one focuses on five of them. They do have different powers, but their powers don’t seem all that interesting – they’re like something out of a ’50s comic book. And worst of all, they’re all dressed the same. The entire family wears the exact same suit.

Obviously, they’re trying to bank on the new movie, which is supposed to be released at the same time as the game, but it’s also going to contain plot points from the first movie, which is now almost fifteen years old and just wasn’t that good so can we please get over it? Yes, yes, I know, HONEY WHERE’S MY SUPER SUIT etc. Let it out of your system so we can have a worthwhile discussion. What I want from Lego is more stuff like Lego Marvel’s Avengers, and less stuff like this. Both are obviously just regurgitating the same old Lego game formula that was established more than a decade ago, but one does so style and joy, and the other is Lego Incredibles.

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