Luigi's Mansion 3 Announced for 2019 on Nintendo Switch

One of the many things that Nintendo revealed during their E3 2019 presentation was a trailer for Luigi’s Mansion 3. It revealed quite a bit of gameplay, including some brand new elements. For example, your ghost-hunting vacuum cleaner will have new abilities, and you’ll even have an assistance, in the form of… some entity called Gooigi. I know.

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Luigi's Mansion 3 Announced for 2019 on Nintendo Switch
Luigi’s Mansion 3 Announced for 2019 on Nintendo Switch

So, what can we expect from Luigi’s Mansion 3? Well, first of all, we’ll be exploring a huge, haunted hotel. Pardon the alliteration. Second, we’ll be hunting ghosts with the Poltergust G-00, which will have some fun uses. For example, the Slam, which lets you capture a ghost and fling it around the room. There’s also a plunger, aka Suction Shot, which allows you to move objects, pry open stuff, and more. Lastly, there’s the Burst, which launches you into the air and blows ghosts away, giving you breathing space.

Another interesting addition to the Luigi’s Mansion is the admittedly very unfortunately named Gooigi. He’s like a clone of Luigi or something, made entirely of green goo. Maybe it’s an entity made of ectoplasm, I don’t know. Either way, it’s a creation of E. Gadd, and it can reach certain areas that Luigi can’t. For example, it can walk through grates or straight through spikes. However, if it comes into contact with water, down the drain it goes. Best of all, you can hand control of Gooigi to a friend, and you can play together. It’s pretty cool.

Lastly, there’s the ScareScraper Mode. It’s a multiplayer mode where you and a few other people have to clear the floors of a haunted tower within the allotted time. Luigi’s Mansion 3 is going to come out some time in 2019, on the Nintendo Switch. There’s no exact release date as of now, but I’m sure it’s not gonna be long before they reveal it. And, knowing my luck, it’s gonna be November; the same month when basically every game ever made is gonna come out. In the meantime, check out the trailer for Luigi’s Mansion below.

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