Man of Medan Coming to Xbox Game Pass, Hits One Million Sales

Man of Medan, the first game in the planned Dark Pictures Anthology, has arrived on Xbox Game Pass on August 6th. Currently, it’s only available on Xbox One, but later on in the year, it’ll also arrive on PC. In other Man of Medan news, game has now officially reached the one million sales mark a little under a year after it launched. Its sequel, Little Hope, should come out on October 30th, barring any potential delays.

man of medan coming to xbox game pass hits one million sales
Man of Medan Coming to Xbox Game Pass, Hits One Million Sales

For those of you that are unfamiliar with Man of Medan, allow me to get you up to speed. The game was developed by Supermassive Studios, the same people behind the runaway hit Until Dawn. Well, Man of Medan is kinda more of the same, but on a ship. There are several characters that explore a spooky location. At certain junctures, you make decisions that determine their ultimate fates. If one of the characters dies, that’s it, no bringing them back. Also, there’s a narrator of sorts that kinda helps bring everything together.

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What’s interesting about Man of Medan is that it also includes multiplayer. Basically, each player takes on the role of one of the characters and makes the choices. These can, in turn, affect what happens to the others (the same is true in single player; one character’s choice can lead to the death of another later on down the line). So, it opens up some fun possibilities to mess with each other, especially if one or more of you have played the game before.

And, well, there you have it. Man of Medan might not have been received as warmly as Until Dawn, but if you like that kind of game, it’ll deliver. Plus, the multiplayer angle really does add an extra level of spice to the proceedings. So, if you have an Xbox Game Pass, and you’re itching for a horror experience, give Man of Medan a whirl.

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