Marvel Heroes Omega Open Beta on PS4 Starts May 23rd

The PlayStation 4 Open Beta for Marvel Heroes Omega is starting on May 23rd. Players will be able to take on the mantle of The Avengers, The X-Men, The Defenders, Spider-Man, Guardians of the Galaxy, and many more characters. You’ll also be able to customize your character with costumes, talents and superpowers, and they’re adding couch co-op to the game.

Marvel Heroes Omega Open Beta on PS4 Starts May 23rd
Marvel Heroes Omega Open Beta on PS4 Starts May 23rd

Fans of Marvel and beat-em-ups that own a PlayStation 4 are in for a treat. The Marvel Heroes Omega Open Beta starts on May 23rd for all who want to try the game out. According to the announcement post on PlayStation Blog, you’ll be able to play as all of your favorite characters from the Marvel Universe: The X-Men, Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, and a whole lot more. You’ll also face off against all the iconic villains, such as Magneto, Red Skull, Loki, etc.

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The Open Beta also got a launch trailer, which shows off some of the gameplay and boasts the features of the game. Most of those are about character customization. For one, you’ll be able to choose among a whole bunch of costumes for your hero of choice. You can select which superpowers you want, as well as your talents. Of course, you’ll also pick up a bunch of cool loot on your way as you play through the story. You can also assemble a team of friends and play both online and in good old couch co-op. You can check out the trailer below.

Of course, this isn’t everything that the game will have to offer. The devs have plans for more content down the line, such as new Heroes and events. So, if the game sounds like something you’d like, and you have a PlayStation 4, you’re in for good times.

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