MediEvil Remake Limited Time Demo Live on PlayStation Store

If you’re interested in the MediEvil Remake, we have some good news for you. There’s a limited-time demo for the remake, and it’s already up on the Playstation Store. It’ll give you the chance to try out a small piece of the game, to see if it’s your kind of thing. If you’re already played the original way back when, you’ll be able to check out the quality of the sound and visual upgrades, and get an exclusive item that transfers over into the full game if you buy it.

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MediEvil Remake Limited Time Demo Live on PlayStation Store
MediEvil Remake Limited Time Demo Live on PlayStation Store

Keep in mind the demo will only be available until October 6th, so don’t dally. It’s quite short, so there’s really no reason to postpone downloading and giving it a go. If you do, and decide to purchase the game afterwards, you’ll get an exclusive item. It’s called Dan’s Helmet, and it is, quite predictably, a helmet. An iron one, to be precise, with copper ornaments. We have no idea whether it actually does anything, or if it’s just a way to cover up your ivory dome, but it looks nice.

The helmet is actually a reworked version of a piece of headgear that appeared in the Japanese version of the original. The blog post says it’s going to reward you by unlocking an extra challenge when you equip it in the final game. This might mean an additional puzzle or an arena fight, but we think that’s unlikely. Creating new content and gating it behind an exclusive item would be kinda scummy. It’s probably going to unlock a new difficulty level or a modifier that increases the enemies’ health or reduces your damage. Or some other, more creative way to make things harder. Don’t look at me. I’m no game designer.

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